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Beach Chairs



Secretarial Services

Clear Labels

#10 Envelope


Large Envelope

Standard Labels

Place Cards

Color Copy & Specialty Paper

$ 0.10/ea.

$ 0.15/ea.

$ 0.25/ea.

$ 0.50/ea.

$ 0.05/ea.

$ 0.50/ea.

$ Varies

The following services are also priced by time in addition to the costs listed below:



Fax Transmissions

Scans On-Demand

$ 0.10/pg. (+ TIME)

$ 0.35/ pg. (+ TIME)

$ 0.25/pg.

Sent/Received (+ TIME)

$ 0.25/pg. (+ TIME)

Bookkeeping Services



Desktop Publishing

Photo Scans (per photo)

Photo Restoration

Mail Pick-Up/Forwarding

     (5 Pickups/week)

Notary Services

$ 44/hr.

$ 55/hr.

$ 55/hr.

$ 1.50/ea.

$ 55/hr.

$ 15/wk.

$ 5.00 per Notary Signature

+ $ 2.50 per Witness Signature


Additional Services

Word Processing

Mass Mail Prep

Typing Dictation

Meeting Minutes

General Office Duties 

Computer Consulting

RSVP Calls

$ 44/hr.

$ 44/hr.

$ 55/hr.

$ 55/hr.

$ 44/hr.

$ 65/hr.

$ 3.00/ea.

The above prices do not include disks, postage, specialty supplies, phone charges, travel, or other expenses. Prices based on the copy that is presented in a legible mariner.


ACCEPTANCE OF WORK. It is the Customer’s responsibility to proofread all materials before acceptance and review all financial reports provided by our staff. Customer’s acceptance of work indicates approval, releasing Protocol Office & Residential Services of all liability.

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